Raspberry Pi XBee Shield V2


This product only includes the Xbee Shield. In order to use this with a Raspberry Pi for XBee connection, you need to use an XBee module.

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XBee Shield v2 is the newest version of the Sixfab XBee Shield. As a result of feedback from you, we’ve made some improvements to have a better user experience.

-With the authentic Digi XBee footprint, you can connect any Digi XBee module.
-You can communicate with the XBee directly via micro USB, thanks to FTDI USB-UART converter IC. It helps you to connect the Shield to PC via USB and configure the modules directly over XCTU application.
-Communication mode switch between USB and Serial
-RX-TX, Power ON/OFF, RSSI and User LEDs
-Ready-to-use 1-Wire Sensor interface(DS18B20 Ready*)
-The XBee module can be reset from Raspberry Pi, also IO1 and IO2 pins of the module connected to Raspberry Pi IOs.( Please, check the pinout diagram for details)
-RTS, CTS and RSSI pins connected with both Raspberry Pi’s IOs and FTDI USB-UART converter IC.
-The mounting holes fit the Raspberry Pi Zero
-The board dimension is 65*31mm
-Options for the Long header, short header and without header

*DS18B20 is not mounted or included in the shield.

* Tutorials, schematics, sample code will add.


What is the header option?





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long header, short header, without header


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